Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fatness Test

More than once I have heard Brendan Foster, commenting on TV about the fact that he, as a once superb athlete, had let it all go, and how he would love to be running in the London Marathon. Steve Cram, his great mate and another great athlete who has not gone to seed, suggested that Brendan would have to take a "fatness test" before he could enter any event.

I know how Brendan feels. For me, the abiding mystery of 2009 concerns my weight.

I have read several times that people are encouraged to do long, slow, aerobic exercise - specifically walking, if they want to lose weight. Of course they are also advised not to negate this by increasing their food input.

So why, when I have walked nearly 5,000 kms in one year, and not changed my eating habits, have I gained 6 kilos? I am totally baffled by this.


talesfromagarden said...

Maybe its muscle???
Seriously though!

Vic Heaney said...

Tales, it's not muscle. I have been a competitive runner for most of my life so my legs have always been fatless.

No, it is extra weight on my front, or fat, as we call it. :-)