Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Beautiful Walk

So here we are, siting in an air-condioned Starbucks in Singapore. Our European friends will hate us for saying this, but we have had to dodge in here to escape the 30 degree heat outside. I have clapped on the sunnies extensions to keep out the painfully brilliant sunshine, and the humidity is way too much. Meanwhile, Europe - and much of the Northern hemisphere - freezes.

It is difficult to remember that Singapore is actually in that same hemisphere - only just, because it sits barely north of the Equator and they have this weather the whole year round. It is also difficult to believe that only two days ago we could not take a full stride because of icy pavements and driving was even more hazardous than normal.

I was just reading the Straits Times. Like many newspapers at this time of the year it is anticipating the year of sport ahead (when will Tiger make his "comeback" and will he be up to the job now with his head held so low?). Strange that in this country of largely Chinese ethnicity, even now preparing for the forthcoming Chinese New Year, they did not point out that soon it will the Year Of The Tiger.

Much of the emphasis was on the forthcoming soccer ("the beautiful game") World Cup in South Africa. I am now almost as excited about that event as is the newspaper. This is because for the first time I have realised a big advantage of that other soon-to-be-upon-me great sporting event, Vic's Big Walk.

It seems that the World Cup starts on June 11th and finishes five weeks later. Hallelujah! VBW starts on May 15th and finishes on July 23rd. This means that, out on the open trails and enclosed in our TV-free campervan, we shall entirely miss the whole tournament. What wonderful timing! What incredible foresight my parents had!


talesfromagarden said...

You are so lucky Vic! Firstly to be in Singapore and then that lovely heat with a Starbucks to swallow too!
Here in south of Ireland in Cork City after being snowed in up to yesterday, no water, we have high winds and torrential rain today but i am not complaining as my husband has just told me the water has come back....yeah showers!, and i can see green grass again!
Enjoy your trip and looking forward to pics of your campervan!

Vic Heaney said...

Tales, there are more Starbucks to the square inch in Singapore than anywhere except Seattle.

WE, too are looking forward to seeing our battlebus when it is fully decorated.

Leone said...

Welcome to Singapore Vic !!!!!

and this my friend is our winter .... but I won't rub it in. :-)

It threw me a bit to see you were already here .... I kept thinking 'next week'... time is flying by and next we will be saying Christmas is next week ... LoL....

enjoy your visit and the Starbucks too ... though they are incredibly expensive. Out here in the heartlands a coffee is only 80 cents.

Vic Heaney said...

Hello Leone

It was a flying visit. We stayed one night only. We were too tired to take advantage of your advice about the fish restaurants, but we hope to do that when we pass through again in March (not having flown overnight that time.

Starbucks is expensive, as it is everywhere, but we just love the relaxed atmosphere. And of course one can e-mail or update the blog in there.