Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Battlebus This Year

Less than 50 weeks to go now. The weeks are clicking by fast. When I first conceived Vic's Big Walk, it was more than 2 years in the distant future.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that the purchase of a motorcaravan was imminent. We shall be using this as a base during the walk, with Gay driving the base 30 kms onwards every day while I walk. We would both like to be walking, but can not face carrying all the equipment and supplies necessary to house, feed and cook for ourselves. To stay in hotels or bed and breakfasts would be impossible because we would have to eat in restaurants every day and sadly, it would be rare that we would be able to satisfy our minority diets

We were moving in the direction of buying a campervan this year. We would get some use out of it this year, but the main reason would be so that we could accustom ourselves to it now and also ensure that we owned one. If we leave it to next year to start looking for one, there will be a window of opportunity of only a few weeks between us returning from the winter trip to New Zealand and the start of the walk.

However, we have decided to risk that, rather than lay out the money now, not only for the purchase, but for the insurance and housing and servicing and depreciation which we do not need in these hard times.

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