Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Near Death Experience

Within three hours of writing the last item, I once again experienced the need for such a rear-view device as I was describing. I had another near-death experience.

I was walking back home from Quillan market, a route I have described before. Lots of climbing, mainly off-road except for about 3 kms. I was on the road section, very close to the left edge, facing the oncoming traffic, of which there was none at this moment. I heard traffic behind me. A campervan went past. As it did so, a big 4WD vehicle overtook the camper, coming between it and me. This was on a narrow road, as they all are around here. The 4WD was inches from me.

What sort of lunatic drives like that? To come so close to an unaware pedestrian, who could stumble or deviate a few inches into the path of death? Instead of waiting a few seconds until the camper had moved on a few yards and the road, and the pedestrian, was safe? Unfortunately there are many of these drivers. The sooner we come up with a device which would help all people who walk along the roads, not just myself, the better. If we could find somebody who manufactures a device like this, or who would be willing to do so, I am sure there would be a market for it, and it would save lives.

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