Sunday, May 31, 2009

Racing Against The Clock

The normal pattern on Sundays is that we drive to the market in Esperaza, have breakfast overlooking the hustle and bustle, make our purchases, then drive on to Quillan, where Gay drops me for my mainly off-road walk up the massive hill and on to home. Today that was impossible because the D117, which climbs the hill to its high point of 601 metres, was closed to normal traffic because, annually, the road becomes a race-track for the weekend. All sorts of hotted-up road cars and a number of racing cars race up the hill from top to bottom. I think all this takes place against the clock - competitive time trials. There is not room for overtaking on that road - not that this stops normal road users.

Although my walk is on tracks, I have to cross the D117 at one point, which is impossible while all this is going on. Also, Gay would not be allowed to drive up the hill. So I had an on-road walk today, directly home from Esperaza. The road was much busier than usual because of all the diverted traffic because of the race/time trial. Nevertheless, I was home by lunchtime, with another 20 kms under my belt.

My total for the week is 115 kms, 1848 for the year to date, still far ahead of my target of an average 10 kms per day.

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