Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome To The South Of France ...

... Home of the sun?

Frequently not the case. Every day since we arrived home last Friday, the forecast has been for rain at some time of the day or other. But so far we have been lucky. I have managed to stretch my legs a few times, including 3 walks over 20 kms. I have also managed to reduce the elephant grass which masquerades as our lawn (actually, a playground for numerous moles), and Gay has managed to make a start on clearing the unwanted growth from her vegetable gardens and has even planted some tomatoes and other delights.

Today the weather forecast caught up with reality. It was only trying to rain (spitting, as they say in Lancashire) when I set off for a walk. The clouds cunningly waited until I was well away from shelter before they decided to unburden themselves, and the rain has fallen steadily ever since. And the temperature has barely made it into the teens. Can I remind you that we are within walking distance (a sturdy walk, I admit) of the Spanish border. And that it is about 5 weeks until we start winding down towards next winter?

My daughter Nicola tells me that it is 34 degrees where she lives in Italy, on almost exactly the same latitude.

I'm hoping it will improve a bit before tomorrow, when I am scheduled to walk 22 kms from Lavelanet, via the Rail Trail, the Voie Verte, to home.

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