Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Excuses, excuses ...

Still not getting much walking done while we are in UK, for two reasons:

Our purpose in being here is to visit friends and relatives, so it would seem churlish to accept their hospitality but spend the time off site.

The weather is rather inclement, or, as they say here in Lancashire "It's chucking it down".

Yesterday I walked the least daily distance since I acquired the pedometer. It was a measly 1.75 kms. Most of that was spent going up and down stairs while loading the car as we left Karen's house, and scurrying through the wind and rain in Lytham, from the car to Cafe Nero and back.

We are staying with Peter and Ruth Labrow in Stockport. Their stairs must be much higher, because I have already exceeded yesterday's record (how could I not), despite there being little improvement in the weather. Tomorrow we drive down the country to Portsmouth for the overnight ferry to Caen, in France.

We then have a drive of approaching 1000 kms, so will probably stop overnight somewhere, arriving home on Friday.

I shall probably then cover more walking distance at the weekend than in the previous five days.

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matthew said...

nice one Vic - have just garaged the car to walk and cycle as much as possible, partly to counter depression partly foreconomic reasons... (we met when I was selling s/hand books) Matt www.apwb.org