Monday, May 11, 2009

Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible

Home in Puivert at last, and finally managed to get a few decent walks under my belt. Amazing how a few easy weeks make your legs unused to it. Even the 13 kms walks (being rather flat) we were managing in Australia were of only limited help in preparing us for the really hilly stuff around here.

The long drive down through France reminded me of what a beautiful country it is, and how much there is to see. A real benefit of VBW will be that, with moving on only 30 kms or so per day, we shall be resting overnight in many places we have not seen before.

Another thing the long drive reminded me of is just how far it is and what a task I have taken on.

Arrived to a bit of a communications problem. While we were away, the servers of our Internet provider were upgraded, necessitating all sorts of adjustments on our computer. Of course we arrived on Friday, a public holiday, to be followed, as usual, by the weekend – all days on which technical support was unavailable. This morning I managed to break through the multiple defences of recorded voices and banal music, to speak to a very helpful man. He supervised me while I typed in all sorts of things, then told me that it was impossible, he would need to send me a new type of modem, after which would I please send back the old one.

This blog posting will be accomplished either from the computer of a friend, or at the local bar, which has recently sprung an Internet service. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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