Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

The world looks a much brighter place today.

As mentioned, the weather has been miserable since we arrived back in France from New Zealand a week ago.

This morning, as we drove off to the start of our walk, the temperature was a dire 4 degrees Centigrade. But, promisingly, the sky was clear. We climbed down the hill into Quillan, wishing we had brought gloves with us, but they are not the first thing you think of in May. Although I do remember a Maytime soon after we had bought the house when it was 36 one day, 11 the next. But 4!

We had a coffee in our favourite cafe in Quillan. Had a look at the morning press to see what they had to say about the weather. They rarely agree with each other but, miraculously, they both said today would be sunny and warm. One said 18, the other said 21, but good news, nonetheless. Since before lunch, it has been well into the 20s.

We climbed the 300+ metres back up to our car, a strenuous round trip of about 12 kms. As we drove home, the temperature had more than quadrupled (note to pedantic ones - don't write in - I know they are not absolute temperatures) to 17.

The grass was dry enough to mow, and Gay has had a happy day in the garden, a-weedin' and a-plantin', while I have been a-wrasslin' with our French tax forms, which are always such a pleasure at this time of year, whatever the weather.

If I manage to get in my planned walk home from Esperaza tomorrow, I will have walked over 100 kms this week, which is a decent amount for keeping the body ticking over.

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