Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Underpants Letter

Had a revelation this morning. It came in the following e-mail from Robyn and John Davies in New Zealand. They are just back from 10 weeks in North America :

We are back in cold little NZ after 10 weeks of sun (only 2 wet days while on the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia). Highlights - USA Olympic Trials for Track & Field at Eugene, Wyoming history for 3 weeks, and seeing our grandson of course. Loved seeing the Tour de France in full on TV instead of our short clips for the day style, and seeing Michelle Obama's speech to D Convention in full. What a stir up now with Sarah Palin - I never met an American woman who was going to vote for her though!

We were receiving your blog but didn't open it, as usually on "10 min only" stints at a local Library, until we arrived home last week. We are thoroughly enjoying it and will have some queries as soon as we can communicate with the site.

One comment comes to mind - we met 2 young guys doing the Pacific Crest Trail - Mexico/Canada - when they had been going for over 2 months. They had allowed for shoes and sox but never realised they would wear out 4 pairs of shorts and underpants in that time - crutch, and where pack moved on the small of the back!

That's stunning! I hadn't thought of that one. I have a feeling this e-mail - The Underpants Email - it has such a ring to it - could go down in history with the Zinoviev Letter or the Epistles of the Apostles.

However, I am convinced that my sturdy French knickers will be up to the challenge. And, although the memory is dim, I am sure that students have far more going on in their underpants than a 70 year old man. I think John will back me up on that one as we are only a few days apart in age.

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