Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sad Sack In The Corner Weeping All Alone

I have tried to refrain from saying anything about the first comment entered on my previous post - Paradise Found. From the hundreds of people who know of this project, this is the only example of nastiness and ill-will. I know who wrote it and I am sad to say that I am not surprised.

I shall still avoid any mention of the fragile mental condition of the person concerned but I thought a refresher course may be required on the purpose of blogs.

There are millions of blogs. They are online diaries. Therefore they are almost always written in the first person. Does that mean millions of egocentrics? If so, does it take one to know one?

This is the diary of a major event in my life, from conception to achievement, I hope. The purposes of the blog are:

1. For me to keep a record of my thoughts and actions and of the walk itself when (and if) it takes place. For my own benefit and also because, before I started the blog, I was getting so many questions about it from friends, that I believed the blog, by putting all the information available online, would save me writing scores of lengthy, similar e-mails. It has worked in this respect.

2. To give an opportunity to friends - and even some relatives - to offer constructive advice and help. This has proved effective. All other comments and advice, mainly received by e-mail or in person, rather than left as comments on the blog, have been constructive, helpful and friendly. Until now.

3. To preserve in one place all information on the project - even this type of nastiness - as the basis of a book. And yes, I am already a published author. I have not yet approached a publisher about this project but will do so nearer the time. If I do not find an interested publisher I shall have my own record of the event.

As to whether the walk will take place, I am quite aware, and have clearly stated in previous posts, that there are things, especially of a medical or physical injury nature, which could stop me. Either before I start or during the walk.

I know that, but what I do not know is why anybody would be so bitter about the world that they should hope (clearly, despite dressing it up with mealy-mouthed words about bets and FAQs) that I will fail.

As an e-mail correspondent said to me today:

"I don't know what to say. My flabber is well and truly ghasted. What a bizarre reaction. And even if he thinks you won't do it or whatever, could he not just have kept it to himself? He's the one who looks an *rse though, isn't he?"


French for a While said...

Blog away! I suspect your poo-pooing friends would have no issue if it were a hundred years ago and you were simply charting your trip in a diary. Do me a favor and welcome them to the 21st century next time you talk to them. Blogs are as much for the author as for the public. That's what we're going!
Kerri says hello!!

Christopher (Rock'n'Roll star) said...

I feel that the Fascist perpetrator should be given a slap with a very large sausage.This has always worked in the past.....I just felt that a little humour would not go amiss at this time.