Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Take me to your leader

I mentioned earlier that I have this spooky software which tells me where in the world the blog's readers are.

My latest information is that there is a very good readership of it in Europe and North America, Australia and New Zealand. I am also surprised but pleased to see several readers in India. The one that really delights me is in Korea. I was reading in the newspaper, only yesterday, a theory that Kim Jong-Il, the strange leader of North Korea, has actually been dead since 2003. There was a long period during which he was not seen at all and any fleeting glimpses since then have really been a stand-in.

But what if this theory is wrong? What if he is, instead, like much of the world, an Internet junky? Drugged by his Dell or Linked to his Lenovo? Transfixed by his Toshiba?

I offer in evidence a blip on my screen. Unfortunately, the software does not yet give me a photograph, or name, rank and serial number. Sighs of relief? Don't be smug - that is presumably the next step - it already supplies the IP address of the computer used!

Fortunately I am too much of a technoprat to be able to follow that through. So, if you are not spending enough time reading my blog, I don't yet have the wherewithal to come rattling your cage about it.

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