Friday, September 19, 2008

High Finance and Low Piracy

This is nothing to do with the main subject of the blog - walking - but I thought you might be amused by a quick glance at this:

It is the blog of our American friends Jonathan and Kerri, who were our neighbours for a while this summer, but who have now returned to their home near Nice. Their posting today is about the current upheavals in the world financial system and the effect of this on the poor ordinary investor.

Look for "So what's in your portfolio" which is currently the post you will see if you open the blog. I just hope Jonathan is not being serious!

A couple of posts ago, he describes how the family recently went looking round luxury yachts on show in Nice - I'm sure that was all a preparation for today - International Talk Like A Pirate Day. No doubt he has seized one of the yachts by now - or maybe he was deterred by M Sarkozy's swift action on that subject earlier in the week.