Friday, September 5, 2008

More about Shoes

We are going to America over the election period to witness what promises to be, one way or the other, an historic presidential election. We shall be staying with our friends Lorenzo and Jane in Evansville, Indiana.

I mentioned in an earlier post "Are you ready, boots?", that I intend to walk in the extremely comfortable, lightweight, trouble free under rigorous testing, Columbia Trailmeister IV shoes. I also stated that it is difficult to find these in Europe. As it happens, I did manage to find some on the Internet the other day, at 60 pounds sterling per pair, plus postage. I also found some in USA for the equivalent of 30 pounds sterling per pair, no postage if I had two pairs.

So it seems sensible to get a couple of pairs delivered to Lorenzo for me to pick up while we are there. Yes, I know I said I could get some in New Zealand and/or Singapore next winter, and I shall still do so. But I don't know, when I step up the training, just how long each pair will last me so it would seem sensible to stack some up.

I e-mailed Lorenzo to ask him if he would be happy with me having the shoes delivered unto his guardianship. He replied thusly:

No Problem – what shoes are you choosing for long walk and why?

He also said:

Only 70 days till election – we hope our man wins – the Republican smear machine in full operation. We shall look forward to sharing one of the great moments in US history with you. Go Obama.......

I had to slap his wrist a bit and refer him to the above previous posting about shoes. But we really do agree about this history bit. At the time it will probably seem even more important than the shoes. But then I will come back down to earth and thank Gert for the Trailmeisters. They really are most excellent.

Despite the wrist-slapping, Lorenzo still agreed to take delivery and I have ordered the shoes.

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