Friday, September 5, 2008

How to leave a comment on the blog

Had this e-mail this morning from our lovely friend Adele in Rome:

Hi all -I have tried and tried to contribute to THE BLOG -what the ell am I doing wrong. I write but it doesn't want to know-help this poor computer cripple.

Basically I can see you now pioneering accross the plains so to speak-I really liked the idea of the horse drawn caravan -romantic -enviro friendly-extra company-what more could you want and at the right pace.

Have forgotten to say -think VBW is a great idea! a journey's journey. You pen such a good tale -publishing an account would be a fine thing. You 2 look great on the blog of American friends. And you're such busy bunnies- an inspiration all round.

Big hugs and as they say have a nice one.


Adele is a New Zealander, married to an Italian, Lorenzo. We met them as friends of my daughter Nicola, but they are very much friends of ours now. We even visited Adele's mother in New Zealand before she herself moved to Rome.

Believe it or not, I have never left a comment on my own blog, but in case anybody else has difficulties, I believe this is what should be done, and this was my reply to Adele:

Hello Adele

We hope you are all blooming. Now listen up about this here blog business. You go to the post you want to comment on. Underneath, where it says "comments" (it may say 0 or 1 or more comments) you click on that - on 0 comments, or 1 comments, or whatever. A screen opens which, if there are already some comments, will show those on the left hand side. On the right hand side will be some boxes. In the big box, you put your immortal words.

There is a box for word verification, which means you have to type the same letters as the squiggly letters into the appropriate box. You will also find this sometimes on websites where you buy things - it may seem daft but I have found out what it is for. There are machines which scour the internet, looking for other peoples websites to insert their own adverts or other malicious stuff in - these machines can not read squiggly letters then type them, only humans can do this, so it is a sort of password to exclude these machines. I always used to think it was a waste of my valuable time to type in a password which they were already showing you, but this is it, the truth revealed. You read if here first!

You then click "Open ID" and type your name in the box under it.

Then you click on "publish your comment".

Then I get an e-mail telling me you have done it. And your words are immortalised in the blog - except I can delete them if they are too scurrilous or if I just happen to be in a bad mood.

I shall now go off to bask in being an inspiration.


Vic and Gay

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