Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Looking Back

I said I would report back on the rear-view mirror attachment, which I have been testing on my cycling helmet, with a view to using it while walking.

I have to say that I am very disappointed. It is virtually useless to me. It wobbles about when the bike goes over even slightly uneven roads. It is very difficult to align it so that I can see behind and to the left of me, then it moves at the slightest touch, so that it is no longer aligned correctly. The instructions that came with it say that it can be tightened with an allen key but I'm damned if I can see where. It's other major failing, although this may be one of mine, is that my eyes focus beyond it. It is too close to me.

In several road trips, I have never yet managed to see a car approaching, which is what it is for.

It is a bit of a talking point, though. Several people have asked me what it is, although I would have thought it is pretty obvious. Yesterday morning we bumped into our doctor in Chalabre (we were off our bikes at the time, so there was no major damage). He said, "What is that for?" I'm afraid that it was only later that I realised I should have told him I am a dentist. So as well as its other failings, it doesn't sharpen my wit.

So I am going to remove it from the helmet. Eventually, I will try it on the peak of my walking hat, which has a longer peak, so the mirror should be further away, and it may be possible to get the thing into focus and more useful. I won't do this at present because there are a limited number of double-sided sticky pads supplied. One of these would have to be sacrificed every time the hat is washed, so this is an experiment I am storing up for nearer the time of VBW.

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