Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ready, Teddy?

More on the bear recently wounded in action. His (or is it her? I'll settle for hir, which I think is a word that should enter the language, it would do a great deal to get rid of the confusion which seems to reign these days about pronouns) name is Balou. That's funny, I thought they were all called Teddy - I recently read the very amusing story of how toy bears came to be named after President Roosevelt, and it was nothing to do with him being fond of them, in fact he was not fond of being called Teddy, either.

Attempts are to be made to capture Balou, using a kind trap. Presumably this is so that hir battle wounds can be assessed, or perhaps to pin on a Purple Heart. Hopefully it is nothing to do with extraordinary rendition, or being shipped off to Guantanamo.

Today's body count while I was walking 16 kms - one dead weasel, a dead snake, and a live pheasant, which jumped out of a field of corn, making a dreadful noise, presumably to draw my attention to the fact that today is a hunting day - just as well I did not have a gun, or even an inclination to use one. I had certainly heard shots, and seen hunting vehicles lurking in the byways.

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