Monday, April 5, 2010

Twelve And A Half Million Steps

There are 40 days to go.

I clocked up 108 kms in the week ending yesterday, which brought me to exactly 1,000 kms for the year to date.

This is the level of training I want to maintain between now and VBW-day, 15th May. Enough to maintain my level of fitness, but not so much that I segue into the same level of intensity (200 kms a week) that I will need during the walk itself. I think you will agree that 10 weeks of that will be quite enough, without piling on the agony.

I should line up at the start with about 1,600 of training in my legs this year, about 10,000 kms in total accumulated since the inception of the project almost 2 years ago. That's 12 and half million steps

The only other thing I will make sure of doing in the next 6 weeks is to have at least one walk of 30 kms per week, so that I don't forget what that is like.

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