Friday, April 16, 2010

Am I Getting Warmer?

Two posts in one day! The year seems a little slow to warm up. The car was again screaming an ice warning at us (below 3 degrees Celsius) as we drove to Lavelanet for me to walk back. And although it was a bright sunny day after it got going the forecast was for a maximum of 14 degrees, and I don't think that was exceeded. Still, in the sun, and walking vigorously, I was well warm.

The track, which I noticed last week was the wettest I have ever seen it, especially inside the old railway tunnels, is much drier this week, which is good news. This track is fairly open, and dries quickly with the sun and the wind, but as I head north I am sure that many trails will be permanently in the shade because they are narrower, with tree cover on each side – they will not dry so easily.

I walked 18 kms. The news from the foot is that although I still have some discomfort, it doesn’t affect my walking, and I don’t think it was any worse after the walk than it was before.

The picture shows what a Big Walker wears for a day like today - when you need enough to keep warm enough before the start, but don't want to wear too much while at full pelt.

And the combat equipment?

Anti-dog device (classified);
Miniature tape recorder - for writing blog on the move and for other bright ideas;
Mobile telephone;
Container for sunglass covers, to fit over ordinary specs in light of severely damaged eyes;
Said sunglass covers - applied;
Foreign Legion style cap for further protection of aforementioned eys and back of neck;
Small video and still camera; pedometer; rucksack with water bladder, foul-weather gear,
Banana and various other bits of kit;
Stomach containing one Jesse's bun and a grand creme.

Missing are the Leki Poles - not used today, and what will really be a vital piece of equipment during Vic's Big Walk proper, which starts 4 weeks tomorrow. That is the Satmap Active 10 navigation device, without which I will be totally lost.

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