Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Foot Lacing.

This walk is known as Vic’s Big Walk, therefore some people know me as Big Walker, despite my compact dimensions. With the problems I have been having lately, presumably my left end-of-leg thing should now be known as Big Foot.

I thought the picture (if you double click on the picture it will increase in size) would be interesting, to show the way I am currently lacing up my shoes, or at least the left one, to relieve pressure on the arch. I did some research on arch problems similar to mine and found that they can frequently be caused by lacing too tightly. And of course once you have the pain, the lacing, even if you loosen it off, aggravates the feeling, even if it is not doing any more damage.

I found a website which showed several alternative and ingenious methods of lacing the shoe to deal with this problem. One of the other methods on the website was a little odd in that you had to lace the shoes completely in reverse, so that the knot is at the bottom; this may or may not do the trick but an obvious disadvantage of it is that you have to loosen the whole lace all the way down the shoe before you can remove the shoe from your foot.

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