Saturday, April 24, 2010

Send In The Hills

21 days to go.

I have walked well over 100 kms this week, with another day still to go. I was a bit cautious last week - I especially avoided hills - because of the damage to the arch of my left foot. And next week I may lose several days to eye hospital visits and battlebus testing.

The arch seems to be much better now, especially since I found a gel pad - intended for use under the heel, but flexible enough and fortunately not cupped - to place inside my sock on top of the arch, protecting it even more from the pressure of the shoe lacing area.

This week I have thrown caution to the winds as regards hills. The one pictured is a steep hill between Rivel and Puivert, which I use on the 24 kms walk home from Lavelanet, once I have come off the rail trail. It doesn't look much, does it, but it climbs for several kms. And this morning Gay and I did our usual down and up to Quillan, which drops from 600 metres to 290 metres, then back again via a peak of 650 metres.

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