Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is This A Disaster?

Some pain in the top of my left foot after a 27 kms walk (I added a few kilometres, thinking it would be my 30 kms walk for the week) from Lavelanet on Friday.

Did the Col Portel (over 600m) to Quillan (290m) and back (via 660m) with Gay on Saturday morning. Pain now severe. Have I broken one of those small bones in the foot?

Lots of icing yesterday, while making a start on planning each 30 kms stop of VBW. Amazingly, there are campsites at almost every one of the 16 stops I have already planned.

The foot seems a little easier this morning, but have wisely decided not to walk for a few days while it - hopefully - sorts itself out.

There are 34 days to go until the start.

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