Thursday, April 15, 2010

Speeding Around

Today, between driving 100 kms to Pamiers and back to try to ensure that we will actually have a battlebus by the time I start VBW (we are assured that the vehicle will be in our hands next week), and visiting the gendarmerie in Chalabre to find out what is the matter which is "of concern to me", I managed a tentative 9 kms walk to test out the foot.

The foot seems no worse after the walk, so tomorrow I will try it out over a somewhat longer course.

As regards the gendarmerie, what they had to tell me was that they have a letter from the Italian police, asking why I have not responded to the demand they sent me (this is the first I have heard about it). Apparently I was speeding in Italy last September (!!) and I now have to pay a fine in France for it. I have never heard of this sort of International cooperation between police forces over motoring offences. It cost me €165 for doing 95 kph in a 70 kph limit zone. This was during a drive from Rome all the way into France, which as far as I can recall is motorway all the way. I have a vague memory of there being, for whatever reason, a 70 limit at some point on the motorway. Obviously this takes one somewhat by surprise. You can't slow down until you see it and they probably have a speed camera just at that point to pick up a lot of easy money.

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