Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snow Forecast!!!

I took this picture at an altitude of 650 metres, 360 metres above Quillan, where I started the walk, this morning. The gorge in the distance - actually the Defile de la Pierre-Lys - is the one we drove through last night (and back again this morning). The restaurant and hotel, where we had Gay's birthday dinner (complete with fanfare music and a roman candle accompanying the sweet) is at the far end of the gorge. This is Le Rebenty, and it proved to be most excellent, as we had been advised. We shall go again.

The temperature this morning was 24 degrees, the day is fine. This is the sort of weather we have been having lately. But a neighbour told us, in full shock horreur mode, that we have snow forecast for May 5th. We don't want too much of that sort of thing, because that is only 10 days before I start the Grand March.

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