Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ten Tons Up

Broke through a bit of a barrier today, or at least achieved a minor milestone. I have walked over 1000 kms since we arrived in New Zealand, despite a few interruptions - and I have also cycled a few hundred kilometres.

When we set off today for the Alexandra-Clyde-Alexandra circuit, Rail Trail section first, the temperature was at or below zero. The forecast was for it to reach 20 degrees while we were out. What do you wear? The answer is enough for the cold and too much for the heat. Better to be too hot when it heats up than to be too cold early on.

As we walked down the Rail Trail past vineyards, we had to dodge sprays of water. It seemed odd that they were watering the vines so intensively when harvest can not be so far off. The grapes should be dry when picked, and they should be ripening now, not being plumped up. When we bumped into friend Owen at the Clyde Post Office Cafe he told us this was a way of keeping the frost off the grapes. We have never seen that happening in France.

And we don't suppose all the cyclists on the Rail Trail were too pleased at having to go through all those pools of water (with consequent splashing of mud up the back) , or to be soaked by the sprays on such a cold morning.

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