Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful Thoughts And The Minister Mentor

We are now in Singapore. Not much walking will be done here. Even at 8 this morning it was far too hot and humid, even compared with Brisbane. Slow movements and beautiful thoughts are the order of the day, according to Gay.

I was very pleased yesterday to walk 18 kms, despite it also being a day when we travelled over 5000 kms and changed hemispheres. Most of that was done in an early morning 13 kms walk with Gay and John Brady – accompanied part of the way by Gail.

I always find Singapore a fascinating place. Such a small country, yet such intense economic activity. Skyscrapers in every direction, many of them being knocked down to build even bigger, better ones.

And the political system is also unique. The country was driven to prosperity by Lee Kuan Yew, a benevolent, democratically elected dictator. He retired many years ago, but he is revered here. He is frequently quoted in the news, quoted under his unique title of “Minister Mentor”. Today he is urging caution on the United States, warning them not to get too excited about the “green shoots” signs of economic recovery. He is not so sure. Although he is very pleased that the US is always so optimistic.

They should listen to him. He has an astounding record of success.

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