Sunday, April 5, 2009

Absolute Shower

Saturday we did the usual (when in Alexandra) 26 kms walk, Rail Trail first. Having glanced at the morning paper, we realised that we were about an hour ahead of Mr Sinnamon, a farmer who was running the whole length of the Trail (152 kms) in 24 hours, to raise money for local sport and schools. Very impressive. He was due in Clyde just after 11 am. We arrived at 10. With a little more warning, we could have made a point of doing the walk the other way round and seeing him arrive in Clyde.

Today we did the same walk again, in reverse. Daylight saving had finished during the night but it went out in a blaze of glory (see sunrise picture above, taken by Gay from the garden of Alexandra Garden Court Motel). The temperature at 7.30 in the morning, as we set off, was 18 degrees. Earlier in the week it was at or about zero at that time. Much rain was forecast on the West Coast as a result of this hot and humid north-west flow, with a possibility of showers for us in Central Otago. Fortunately the only shower happened while we were under cover having breakfast partway round the walk.

We mentioned the husky incident to Owen. He told us there is a whole club somewhere in the area, devoted to having oneself towed along by huskies or some similar dogs (I think they are a bit smaller than huskies).

After a quick lunch back at the motel, we drove to Cromwell for the monthly meeting/performance of the Cromwell Country Music Club. They have a very impressive new artist called Craig Adams, who could become a big name. Remember you read it here first.
There was a camera crew from TV1, recording the show. Apparently there will be a series on TV later in the year, called Tiki Tours, which will be about how people in small towns amuse themselves. A presenter or producer with the team asked the crowd if they had anything of interest to say. Of course I piped up to say that we come all the way from France each year and make a point of coming to the club. I was asked if there is any interest in country music in France. They were very surprised when I told them it is widespread, as is line dancing.

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