Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crossing The Line

Just had our last walk in the Southern Hemisphere. In a couple of hours we are heading to the airport for the flight to Singapore, which, for those who don't know, is marginally north of the Equator. We have two nights there, then five in UK, before hitting the ferry to France and home.

Last night we attended a joint birthday party for Gay and Cheryl Cameron, at the house of Cheryl and husband Mick (it was also their wedding anniversary. Amazingly, although we have never been to Brisbane before, we knew 8 of the people at the party, not including ourselves. In addition to Cheryl and Mick, there was Cheryl's sister Gail, Steve and Lorna, Tom, and of course we were with John and Gail Brady, our hosts in Brisbane. All of these people have stayed at the house next door to us in Puivert.

Glad to see that Sir David Attenborough has received another BAFTA after all these years. I forgot to mention in my account of our weekend at O'Reillys that we saw a bower bird. Sir David's famous film of the bower bird luring females into its strangely built boudoir was filmed at O'Reilly's. I also should have mentioned that the Lamington National Park, which includes O'Reilly's, is a World Heritage Park.

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