Thursday, April 30, 2009

Singapore Cowboys

We are at Singapore Changi Airport, waiting for our 14-hour flight to Manchester.

We have walked a total of only 13 kms here in two days. This is my 19th visit to Singapore - Gay's 18th, because I was here on a ship in 1957 - but I will never get used to the heat and humidity. One virtually has to swim down the streets.

But where else can you find a shop called JR's, which sells genuine cowboy clothes from Texas. JR goes to Texas (I wonder if he bumps into the other JR in Dallas?) at least once a year to select new stock. Though we have yet to catch anyone else - apart from JR himself - wearing any.

When we arrive in Manchester at 0640 on Friday morning, we shall have been up since 2200 on Wednesday. Time for a kip then, if we can manage it. Just a small one, to make sure we can survive until the evening.

The following Friday we should be back in France, for the long drive south. Then life - and walking - should begin to return to normal.

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