Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanks To You All

Perhaps provoked by the publicity surrounding my book (and there has been quite a lot), donations have started up again on my JustGiving page (click here to go there. No donation would be too small.

Total donations to pancreatic cancer research through my page now stand (against a target of £7,000) at £8255, with a further £1443.76 chipped in by the UK government as a tax payback for donors who pay tax in the country. So the total I have raised for this cause is approaching £10,000, plus a small donation from every copy of my book sold. Thank you to everybody who has helped with that.

Amongst websites featuring my book is the official Mark Knopfler website - click here to view that. The connection is "The Walk of Life", a famous Dire Straits tune, which was played by BBC tv in the news item covering the finish of my walk. If you want to see that excerpt from the news, just search my name - Vic Heaney - on YouTube.

Also the Rohan website - click here for that.

For details of where to find my book "Vic's Big Walk from SW France to NW England" double click on this.

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