Thursday, September 22, 2011

El Condor Pasa


Pre-Inca Terraces


Monday we left Arequipa and travelled by coach up onto the high altiplano. The highest point on the way was 4,900 metres but we finally ended up at the Colca Lodge at 3,400 metres. On the way we saw llamas, alpaca and vicuna.

Yesterday we arose before the crack of dawn - we seem to have done that several times on this trip, which is very hectic - and made a two-hour coach trip into the Colca Canyon. We stopped at a viewpoint where the drop was greater than any other canyon in the world. It was well above 1,000 metres. Many people were gathered there to see the condors, which nest nearby and seem to get up much later than we did. They circle round for a bit, put on a bit of a show, then go off to find meat which as conveniently dropped dead somewhere for them.

On the way to the canyon we saw many fine examples of the stunning pre-Inca agricultural terraces.

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