Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inca Technology

I have been interested in the Inca civilisation for most of my life, but to see it blows the mind. The astonishing architecture, using massive stones in impossible places, cut and fit with an amazing precision, built by a people who knew neither steel nor the wheel, is everywhere and difficult to comprehend.

But their use of technology is also a real eye-opener. I have been reporting on only a few of the sites and sights we have seen. Sometimes, as today, we visited 5 or 6 places. One of today's stops was at Moray, where we saw the pictured perfectly circular terracing. This was designed for testing and developing new crops and plants. At each level there was a different temperature. The irrigation ran down cleverly from one level to another, which is not surprising, but no water collected at the bottom. Drainage, which presumably involved a tunnel through the surrounding mountains, removed the water to be used elsewhere.

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