Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Fine Example Of The Plonk-It Seat

Today, for the first time since VBW finished, I walked home from Quillan market to Puivert. Gay and I recently discovered a new, off-road variant for the first leg of the walk, from Quillan to Ginoles.

Along that fine section, there are several examples of what I referred to in my blog here during the walk as "plonk-it seats". These are few and far between on the pedestrian highways and byways of France, but Nebias is particularly well served and its example should be followed by the rest of the country.

The seat pictured in the second picture, with its fine view over Ginoles, has a plaque which shows that it was placed there in memory of Hazel Gough-Roberts, who always loved Ginoles.

Maybe this is the way to go. In the absence of a Plonk-it organisation, seats for weary travellers could be provided all over France, at strategic point and junctions on the Grandes Randonnees system by individual benefactors, in memory of their loved ones.

Please don't think I am mocking the idea of sponsoring a seat as a memorial. I think it is a splendid thing to do. In fact at one stage I had the idea of doing my walk to raise funds for such a seat in memory of Gaile, but the project expanded into the idea of raising funds for Pancreatic Cancer research.

Speaking of which, the fund is still open and stands very near to £8,000 against the original £7,000 target. You could be the one to push it over the next thousand.

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