Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mighty Fallen

How are the mighty fallen! Not just this tree, supposedly diseased and dangerous, in Quillan. But also myself, Big Walker.

You may recall that I had been asked to host an "Evening with Vic Heaney", at a guest-house - also in Quillan - during which, over dinner, I would regale the attendees with tales of derring do and kilometres conquered during Vic's Big Walk for Pancreatic Cancer research.

The event had been deliberately timed in late September to fill the guest house at the beginning of what would normally be the quiet period. Unfortunately, the season is destined to remain as quiet as usual. There have been lots of hits on the web page advertising the "Evening with". Clearly I am not enough of a draw.

It is good to have a reminder, now and again, not to get too big for one's boots.

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