Friday, August 20, 2010

Keeping My Feet In

A rare sight on the Voie Verte - people. I just walked the 24kms home from Lavelanet. About 16kms of this is on the Voie Verte, a superb facility for walking, running, cycling. It must have cost a bit to renovate this old railway line for the benefit of the populace. Yet today, in August, the peak of the French holiday season, I saw this man and his little boy on their bikes, an elderly runner, and two other men on bicycles,

I also saw this tiny pony, which is a regular. It is moored by the trail at St Colombes. So small I could step over it. As my eyes get worse I will probably fall over it.

As I said, I walked 24kms. Just keeping my hand - or rather my feet -in. Did I really do this, or much more, for 70 days on the trot? Why didn't somebody lock me up? Mind you, I don't think it was this hot on many days, if any, during VBW.

Happy Birthday, Alessandro! Auguri!

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