Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home, Where The Heart Is

This is a view from our very own garden, peeping past our very own fig tree and going on to what we regard as our very own castle - le chateau de Puivert.

We arrived home yesterday, completing the full circle from here to Blackpool and back (with a side trip to the north of Scotland, not necessarily on foot). We left here on 15th May. Shortly before we left, the village was deep in snow. Now it is baking in temperatures lurking above and below 30 degrees Celsius.

And, having spent only 6 weeks here this year, we are extremely glad to be back and will take some shifting for a while.

But the blog lives on. I am pondering the effort of writing a book about Vic's Big Walk and would be interested to hear your views on this.

Also living on is the fund-raising for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Whatever it says on this blog page, the fund now stands at 106% of the £7000 target. I am sure we can get it to at least 110%.

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