Thursday, August 5, 2010

And Nostaligia Begat Nostalgia ...

... even unto the seventh generation.

This is weird. One thing I expected from Vic's Big Walk was that, as I passed through places where I had spent some of my life, I would experience nostalgia, flashbacks and memories provoked by my return to those places.

But now I am finding that the flashbacks and memories are coming from VBW itself!

On the way down through England, we stopped off in Banbury, last seen on a hot day early in July as I tramped along the canal bank and came off in the town centre for a coffee, perchance muffin, with my beloved.

Now we are in France. Yesterday we were in Chinon (pictured), seen by me but not Gay during the event. Today we passed through Lussac-les-Chateaux and now we are camped up in Vers (which you will remember rhymes with Bears, although there is a village of Bears very close to here, which is pronounced quite differently). We were here on Day 9 of VBW (which must mean we are more than 6 tenths of the way home), 24th May 2010.

I mentioned yesterday that the distances seem much further on four wheels than on foot. Another fact is that the journey is much more tiring this way. There were not many days while walking that I felt fagged out, but I sure do after a days driving/passengering.

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