Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hustle And Bustle

To prove to ourselves that we are really home, we are off to our local market at Esperaza this morning. This is a habitual Sunday morning activity. We like to get there early and witness the hustle and bustle while the market is setting up. The photo was taken at the market by Lorenzo during his and Jane's last visit from Indiana.

I mentioned some time ago that Gay's sister Dana had asked if I had time to muse on my past life a bit more than my blog entries indicate. I said that I had not, but this may not be true. The blog entries were posted soon after I finished the walk each day, were necessarily brief, and were part of my memories of each day's walk.

However, I carried a dictaphone with me while walking and recorded about 1,500 words per day, which I transcribed each evening. Those notes recorded events and my thoughts as they happened, and in much more detail than the blog entries. I now have to trawl through them as part of deciding whether I will write a book. I am not sure they contain much musing about my past life, but there may be a reason for that. You see, I have already written my autobiography, for private circulation and the benefit of my children and grandchildren. So I have already done the musing Dana was asking about. And I will incorporate the relevant bits into any book about VBW.

The fund is at 107%.

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