Thursday, February 4, 2010

How High's The Temperature, Momma?

Phew! The temperature has whacked up to 34 degrees (93 degrees F to Americans). That was yesterday, and it could be more today.

What a time to pick for suddenly leaping into walking 30 kms per day. We have done that for 3 consecutive days now and I am fair jiggered. And I am fully aware that starting from May 15th I shall have to walk that distance every day for 70 days.

I am hoping that two facts will make a big difference. One is that by then I shall not, as now, be coming off virtually a month of tiddler walks, travelling, and other, weather-induced idleness. The other is that it is very unlikely, in May, that the temperature will be at these levels.

We have known temperatures of 36 degrees at home in May (on at least one occasion following a day of 11 degrees) but it is unlikely to be so consistently hot by then. It is possible, of course, but at least it will not come straight out of the winter, as now.

The photo is not of a pumpkin, a melon, an apple or an eyeball. It is a small relative of the famous Moeraki Boulders, pictures of which I displayed on the blog this time last year.

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