Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Couple Of Corrections

A few days ago in "New Zealand Giants" I went on about how difficult it must have been for Bob Fitzimmons to travel back and forth between New Zealand and the United States, where most of his boxing matches took place.

By coincidence, today's morning paper "The Otago Daily Times" carries one of those "100 years ago today" reprints of an article from 1910, about Fitzimmons, who "was once a New Zealander", being lauded while paying a visit back to the country where he achieved manhood (he was born in Cornwall, England) and started boxing.

Further research reveals that he clearly went to live in USA when he became a professional boxer.

Also a few days ago, I mentioned that I had discovered from the instructions for my new pedometer, how the old pedometer, or any pedometer, should be clipped onto the waistband or belt, above a knee, to function properly. One little point I didn't mention - it needs to be the right way up. If you accidentally turn the waistband so the device is upside down, it won't register any miles or kms at all, however far you walk! Guess who ...?

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