Monday, February 15, 2010

Only 89 Days To Go

Sorry for the lack of communication but we have just emerged from a week at Kaka Point in the Catlins area of New Zealand. Without driving some distance into a town we had no Internet connection and no cellphone signal, hence no posting on this blog.

As previously mentioned, we were staying at the splendid accommodation provided by Lyn and Selwyn Cardno (ably assisted by their schnauzer dog Otto). This is excellent accommodation and we can not recommend it highly enough. Over the years we have become very good friends with Lyn and Selwyn and frequently have days out together – two days this year, one touring much of the Catlins and the other in Dunedin. The picture shows Lyn and Big Walker comparing notes at the amazing Gypsy Caravan, full of all sorts of Heath Robinson and Emmet- type crazy gadgets.

Gay and I got in plenty of good walking between Kaka Point and the Nugget Point Lighthouse, a round trip of 20 kms. I haven’t totted it up yet, but we managed well over 100 kms in the week.

Today we drove through Dunedin and back to Oamaru, which we left two weeks ago today.

In exactly 3 months I shall be taking the first steps of Vic’s Big Walk and will then be committed to an average of 30 kms per day for 10 weeks until I reach the house of my birth and the finishing line.

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