Friday, October 19, 2012

Great First Reviews

The Salmagundi was published on Kindle only a couple of days ago, but already there are excellent reviews. Here is one:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Simply Splendid Salmagundi. 18 Oct 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I downloaded this anthology early today and have barely put it down , such was the quality of the writing.
I found myself amazed at the diversity of the content. Where else could one read of pigeons alongside buffalo, Santa following on from demons and sexy reminiscences, reviews of wrinkle plasters and the shortcomings of hygiene facilities in public toilets in the same contents table as haunted car rides , eerie mountains and inspired poetry.
There are trolls and fantasy friends.Feuds and spaceships share space with resurrected detectives, barn sized computers and pyramids, not to mention, traumatised fathers, dying girlfriends, a poignant funeral and country villages named Slaughter!
I will dream tonight of darkened corridors and creatures at my door seeking permission to enter while my life support machine is switched off and God speaks to tell me the end is nigh.
I am however comforted to know those pesky vampires won't be having a suck tonight and I will still be enjoying eggs fresh from the nest tomorrow while proudly wearing my oak tree lapel pin in the hope that a handsome spy comes knocking and if I am truly blessed he will bring David and his chocolate fountain with him.
No! I am not rambling ( well maybe I am a bit) all this and more is included in this glorious book. There is indeed something for everyone regardless of your preferred genre. Like me you may even be surprised and find yourself drawn to themes you may not have previously considered and in so doing discover some new authors to help you through the dark winter nights ahead.
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