Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boston Superhero

The Telegrarf today publishes 50 pictures of the unbelievable destruction wrought on the East Coast  by Hurricane Sandy. Click the link to see them:

Much of that damage is in the huge city of New York which, as we all know, is also Metropolis, the home of Superman. Where was he when Metropolis needed him? Why wasn't the big guy sucking up that Frankenstorm into his mighty lungs, flying out near the sun and blowing it out? I suppose you think that sort of thing is fantasy but read on.

Another great question exercising my mind for the past couple of days is how Boston got away so lightly? We were threatened with much of the same disaster that you see pictured above (if you clicked on the link). But as the storm was supposed to be reaching its maximum impact here, it suddenly ceased. I can now reveal, and produce evidence to prove it, that Boston has its own superhero who did in fact save the city.

The pictures below were taken this morning at Panera Bread in Braintree, which is where we have been taking a regular cappuccino, perchance muffin, of a morning while staying here.

First you see Paneraman appearing shyly behind some of the store equipment.

I guess that, after expending all the energy required to save Boston, he has come in - perhaps he himself is a muffin man? - to replenish his powers before jetting off to New York, New Jersey and points south to become the mighty anvil of the rescue efforts there.

Maybe he will need first to fly north to his mountain fastness to receive advice and motivation from his Jor-El equivalent before taking on the task. After all, we are talking a lot of saving to do! I believe this is the place, under that cloud somewhere.

Muscles bulging with muffin and coffee,  realising that the world needs reassurance that he is on his way, he let me persuade him to pause for a moment while I took this photograph of him which I can now broadcast to a planet reeling from the brutality of nature.

And I promised not to reveal that this mighty figure is, when catastrophe does not threaten, the mild-mannered manager of this Panera store.

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Karen and Kenny said...

You're crazy! It's pretty cool, though, having a crazy dad!!