Monday, October 29, 2012


We are in Boston, right in the path of Hurricane Sandy, which is being billed as the worst tropical storm ever to hit the US, stretching from Maine on the Canadian border to North Carolina in the heart of the South. It is due to peak here between 11 am this morning (it is 10 am as I write) and the same time tomorrow.

So what have Gay and I just done? We have been for a walk - nothing is as important as getting that blueberry muffin and cappuccino!

You know it's serious when they start tying the lamp posts down!

As I mentioned in my last hurried post, both my books are available in both e-book and paperback formats. Just to remind you that all proceeds of both books go direct to pancreatic cancer research. For full details of where to find the books, click the link at the top right of this page (below the header, of course).

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