Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not Putting My Foot Down

This walking holiday has suddenly turned into a cycling hol. I have a very painful heel. This is probably plantar fasciitis or, even worse, a heel spur. So I am unable to walk very far without a buildup of pain and increase in hobbling. It's a good job this didn't happen during the Big Walk last year.

I have a very good podiatrist in Christchurch so I would normally plan to visit him about my foot next time we are anywhere near the city. He operates from several different buildings. One of these is outside the city centre and was already condemned as a result of September's earthquake. Unfortunately, one of Nick's other bases is bang in the city centre, near the cathedral and the Grand Chancellor Hotel, now both in ruins. Naturally, even more than needing to see Nick professionally, I am very concerned for his health and welfare, but have been unable to contact him since last Tuesday's quake. We have our fingers crossed for him.

We are currently at Kaka Point in the Catlins. The photograph is of the Nugget Point lighthouse, visible from our window, although the camera is in this case 9 kms from that same window.I have to confess that Gay took the picture last year - because of my foot, I have not been able to walk out to the lighthouse this time.

Later. I have now heard from Nick, who was in the City Centre when the earthquake struck. Naturally, he says it was scary. He is now operating from the suburbs. I hope to see him in a couple of weeks, when we head north. Another problem will be getting accommodation anywhere near Christchurch. All surviving accommodation in the city is taken up with the task of accommodating the hundreds of volunteer police and rescue people who have come in from other parts of NZ and from abroad. Or with people made homeless by the earthquake. Many other towns have their accommodation full of Christchurch residents who have fled the city.

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