Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pole to Pole

After a week in Tasmania, we are back in Oamaru, New Zealand. While we were away, temperatures of over 40 degrees were recorded hereabouts. Now that we are back, we are gnashing our teeth because our favourite walks are blocked off because of logging activities.

Gay took the picture of these 300-metre vertical cliffs, which are on the southern edge of Tasmania. The boat we were in was the only thing between the cliffs and Antarctica, several thousand miles south.

We were accommodated in Hobart, the capital of the state. In Hobart they make much of being at 42 degrees south, as if that is near the pole. By a strange coincidence, our home is at 42 degrees north – that is near the French-Spanish border, which is not generally regarded as being in the Arctic regions.

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