Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, This Is A Bit Embarrassing ...

... but totally my own fault.

In January, a gentleman whose name I can not remember e-mailed me. He said that we had met while I was doing my Big Walk. He had been inspired and had now decided to do a major walk of his own - I think it was the Pilgrims Way.

He asked if I had any advice to give him. At the time, being away from home, I had limited Internet access and a lot of e-mails to reply to. So I gave him one or two pointers and said I would get back to him when I was able to do so.

I am still away from home but at the moment have much better I-access. So I sat down to make contact with a view to offering more help. But I seem to have accidentally deleted his message and my reply.

So, if you are still out there, I apologise profusely and ask you to contact me again, I learned a lot during the 2,000 kms walk and the 2 years of preparation, and would be very happy to help in any way I can.

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