Monday, November 2, 2009

(Not) The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Walker

One of the disadvantages of being, for a change, in a city, is that walking is restricted to local parks and the quiet roads leading there. The main roads are impossibly busy, traffic-wise. I can not imagine how Dr Barbara Moore and others have walked across America, or even, as in the case of Bruce Tulloh, run from sea to shining sea.

However, one of the advantages of being limited by circumstances to shorter walks (about 7 kms of a morning) is that for a change I have the pleasure of being accompanied daily by Gay. We get out for our walk among the squirrels as soon as it is light, so as not to impinge on the day of our hosts. We come home and find that Lorenzo has cooked up a storm of muffins or pancakes. Jane's coffee is among the best in the world. So a jolly breakfast meeting follows the walk, with plans being made for the rest of the day or the week, such as tomorrow's drive to Bloomington.

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