Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Peddling

Today I am turning my blog over for a guest spot.

Justin Walsh-Newton contacted me some time ago, just before his own epic trip, which he has now completed.

He has ridden across France, starting not too far away from us, on the Mediterranean coast near Beziers. I am not sure exactly how close to us he came, but I know from reading his blog, that he passed through Mirepoix, and commented on its marvels. As I usually walk home from Mirepoix at least once a week, it is possible that we were there on the same day.

He says he met tons of interesting people along the way; he cycled over 1,000 miles; raised £3000 through just giving and got well over 10,000 hits on his blog.

So what? He is a young man, of only 43 years. Well, get this - he did all this within 11 months of open heart surgery to replace his Aortic valve.

What a hero. Now he is thinking hard about what to do next!

Read his blog at:


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