Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Am The Entertainer

I am the entertainer
And I know just where I stand
Another serenader
And another long-haired band
Today I am your champion
I may have won your hearts
But I know the game, you'll forget my name
And I won't be here in another year
If I don't stay on the charts

Verse one of a song which I know best as sung by the late Waylon Jennings. I have just learned, while preparing this post, that the song was actually written by Billy Joel.

Anyway, it seems that now I am The Entertainer. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the "Evening with Vic Heaney" which is being set up for after the walk.

Chris, who is the organiser and host of the event, has now put the details on his website. Click on the following URL for details:

May see you there!

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